Visitation Program

The mission of the Kentuckiana Detachment of the Marine Corps League in Louisville, KY is to keep a positive image of the Marine Corps before the local community , support the Marine Recruiting effort and local MCJROTC’s, to aid any Marine or Marine Family sick or in distress – and at the same time enjoy again the camaraderie and E’spirit de’ Corps  we all cherished during our service.

One of the ways we aid and assist Marine Families is to provide two programs which are important to our Marine Veterans. 

The first is the “Last Detail”.  This entails a small cadre of our members who volunteer to attend the wake of every deceased Marine in our area.  Honors are rendered to the veteran and a sympathy card and small set of flags (National and Marine Corps) is presented to the family.  A 4’ X 6’ flag is provided to the funeral home for display next to the casket during visitation to recognize his/her service.



The Kentuckaiana Detachment Chaplain is the first responder.  It is his/her responsibility to review the obituaries for fallen Marine Veterans and to initiate contact with the Funeral Home.  Upon contacting the Funeral Home his responsibility is to:

1)  Schedule a Visitation by the Last Detail.

2)  Assemble assistance and participation by members for the Visitation.

3)  Confirm that the Funeral Home has contacted the Marine Corps Casualty

Tasking Office and procured the flag for presentation to the family during military  honors.

4)   Respond to the needs of the family of the deceased. *

  • In the case of MCL members, Former, Active Duty, and Retired Marines, the Funeral Director (or next of kin) should contact Marine Corps Headquarters Casualty Tasking Office (703) 432-9524 and be prepared to provide a copy of the DD-214 or Discharge Certificate of the deceased and request Marine Corps participation at the grave site. Generally, Fort Knox will be tasked to provide at least a minimum Active Duty/Reserve contingent to fold and present the flag to the NOK and perform taps.

5)  If the Casualty Assistance Officer desires participation by the Marine Corps League, the Chaplain will contact one of the below listed Officers of the Honors       Detail providing as much lead time as is humanly possible.


Point of Contact for Last Detail

Richard Schmidt  (Chaplain)

Phone:  (502)322-6170 (Cell )