Honors Detail Program

The mission of the Kentuckiana Detachment of the Marine Corps League in Louisville, KY is to keep a positive image  of the Marine Corps before the local community , support the Marine Recruiting effort and local MCJROTC’s, to aid any Marine or Marine Family sick or in distress – and at the same time enjoy again the camaraderie and E’spirit de’ Corps  we all cherished during our service.

One of the ways we aid and assist Marine Families is to provide two programs which are important to our Marine Veterans. 

Honors Detail Program

Honors Detail OIC (Officer in Charge) will

1)  Contact members to perform the Honors Detail and prescribe the proper uniform as well as the

time and place to report. 

2)  Coordinate with the Funeral Home for times to be at the internment site.

3)  Prepare a Fallen Marine Certificate for presentation to the family either at the visitation or at

the internment.  

Upon completion of the Detail, report to the VAVS/VSO on the activity to include the

Member’s participation, time for volunteer hours, and the nature of the honors performed.

 The “Honors Detail” which is provided in the following priority and subject to availability of our members.

Priority One is to active members of the Marine Corps League.
Priority Two is to active duty members of the Marine Corps.
Priority Three is to Retired members of the Marine Corps.
Priority Four is to other Branch of Service Veterans, friends and relatives of our active
members at the availability of the Detail.

Note:  On occasion we have participated in the “homeless Veterans project”
to provide honors to indigent Military Veterans.

 The Honors Detail is capable of providing the following services subject to availability of members:

Firing Party:   A firing party of 3 to 7 rifles (M-1) is made available for the interment service.

Bugler:    The Detachment has procured a ceremonial bugle with a built in device to play    Taps.

Bagpiper:    On occasion and when requested, a bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace and the Marine Corps Hymn is also available.  (The Piper is used during the procession from the hearse to the grave site and Amazing Grace at the end of the service).

Color Guard:   A four man detail can provide military honors on an “as available” basis.

Flag Folders:       A two man detail usually is provided by the sponsoring service (Marines from Fort Knox).  We routinely coordinate with the aforementioned unit to augment the service representatives.  On some occasions we have provided the folding detail and are trained to do so. 

Pall Bearers:    Our members participating in these activities are usually retired and ranging in age between 70 to 83 years of age.  The physical demands of providing Pall Bearers, is not an option for our unit.

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Points of Contact for Honors Detail
Allen D. Broussard USMC(Ret)  – OIC of Rifle Honors Detail
4500 Dakin Court
Louisville, KY 40299
(502) 267-4776 (Home)

E-mail: twomarinefamily@gmail.com